Planning vacation: important things to remember

Planning vacation

After a long, busy winter, anyone dreams about rest. When spring is coming, warm days are getting closer and appears an increasing desire to go on the long-awaited summer vacation. In this article, you will learn how to solve work issues correctly and how to plan your upcoming vacation.

First, work.

If you work officially, unfortunately, you won’t be able to go on vacation any time you want. In most countries, employees get 4 weeks of vacation. So use this time wisely. Choose the right time, let your colleagues know about your upcoming vacation.

By the way, according to statistics, the worst month for vacation is August. In Europe at this time, most places are closed to visitors, and resorts are crowded with tourists. So think about choosing any other month.

Once you close all your work issues, you can start planning your vacation.

Important things to know about planning a vacation

To make your vacation unforgettable, plan it in advance.  These simple rules will help you plan your vacation and avoid unpleasant situations on your trip.

  • Take care of tickets in advance.

Buying tickets for 2-3 weeks before the trip is a bad idea. It’ll be expensive. The best option is to plan a trip in 3-4 months.

You can get good discounts by early booking. And then the management will not have questions for you: vacation is planned. But there is a risk that early booking will not allow you to leave due to any circumstances.

  • Select a location.

Sea or mountains? Or maybe visiting European sights? Decide what rest you like. If you are planning a family trip, the most convenient option is all-inclusive. Parents can relax and rest a little while the hotel animators look after the child.

To relax with children, choose a place that will have a gentle entrance to the sea, a children’s shallow pool, a children’s menu. Preferably, evening entertainment for children and animators, children’s clubs. Tedious flights to exotic countries with a child are not the best idea.

 You don’t have young children? Go to an adventure meeting. Discover new places.

  • Build a route.

Explore the region you’re going to go to. See the political situation, whether there are strikes, rallies. Sometimes airline employees strike, flight delays are possible. Study the climate and understand what things you need to take with you. Map the places you would like to visit. Include not only popular attractions but also not the most famous, interesting locations.

  • Pack your things in advance.

Do not delay packing the suitcases for the last moment. Start gathering in at least a week in advance. Write a list of things you plan to take and decide what you need to buy. Do not put things right into the suitcase: discount in a separate stack. Practice shows that at least half of them still will not get in. The main thing is not to forget the documents, money, first aid kit. Everything else, even if you forgot, can be found where you will rest. See the weather in the area where you are going on vacation. If it is going to be rainy, take a sprinkler or umbrella with you.