Innovation in tourism

Innovation in tourism

The world does not stand still, it progresses and develops. And thanks to this, there are various innovations in the spheres of activity that we are accustomed to.

These innovations also appear in the field of tourism. Over time, everything is changing, from the way we travel to data room banking. In this article, you will learn about the main travel innovations and their impact on future travel.

Main tourism innovations.

Changes and innovations have a positive impact on the field of tourism. Avid travelers always want to try something new. We present a list of the brightest and most unusual tourist innovations that apply to services, famous places to visit, and other components of travel.

  • Virtual concierge.

The development has been implemented in 12 hotels in Great Britain. Communication with the robot takes place via a mobile application using voice commands or correspondence. The concierge bot was named Edward. He will tell customers about the hotel, help to choose a room and book it, help to find out about additional services, advise where to go in the city.

  • Movie tourism.

Movie tourism is the organization of guided tours to the filming locations of famous movies. This type of vacation has become very popular in many countries. For example, after the release of the movie “The Da Vinci Code,” the French Louvre was visited by a record number of people. Travel agencies are developing itineraries for several countries, making maps, rating tours according to the popularity of movies, etc.

  • Mobile hotels that allow you to live in one place while traveling around the country.

A new and already popular type of vacation in Europe and America. Hotels on wheels are equipped with comfortable rooms, a kitchen, necessary furniture. In addition to the driver, there is also a staff to help in the journey. For example, the German “Rotel” – several hotels in Mercedes-Benz with a capacity of up to 34 seats, train-hotel “Aurora Express” in Alaska in retro-style, the underwater hotel “Jules’ Undersea Lodge” in the U.S. for diving enthusiasts, etc.

  • Virtual museums are an opportunity to visit exhibitions of famous museums via the Internet.

Most often, these are actually existing museums with developed interactive features that allow you to move around the halls, see three-dimensional images, and study information about exhibits without a personal visit. You can already virtually visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Vatican Museums, and many others.

  • Ecotourism.

This relatively new type of recreation involves tourists staying in a private home or family in the countryside, surrounded by nature. The owners of such houses create all the necessary conditions for receiving tourists. There are different types of eco-tourism: historical, scientific, trips to pristine and inaccessible places. Actively developing in Asia (Laos, India), South America (Peru, Ecuador), Africa (Kenya), and other countries. These innovations make traveling to famous places even more exciting. You can have unforgettable memories from a hotel on wheels, learn how to live in the countryside, or enjoy masterpieces of world art from the comfort of your own home. And that’s not all the travel innovations. As you travel around the world, you can enjoy many other tourism innovations.