Famous tourist spots. An incredible variety of experiences

A tourist product satisfies a need, it is offered on the market for consumption – that is, it is generally available through distribution channels, with a certain price and advertising, and is associated with some attractiveness that motivates the trip. Like any other product, travel products are classified as goods, services and experience.

Planning vacation. Among the former, for example, souvenirs; between transport, and between experiences, those that allow you to experience another reality, such as, for example, a culture foreign to ours. Although products, services, and experience are separate categories, companies usually combine them into the same product. Some operators that offer transportation services, for example, provide information and entertainment during the transfer, and at the end they deliver a souvenir as a reminder of the trip.

The difference between tourism services and tourism experiences is that the latter operates on a subjective level, directly involving the visitor. The consequence of this is that although the quality of the service can be measured more or less objectively (taking into account variables such as duration, comfort, hygiene or compliance with certain standards), the experience is associated with the internal processes of the tourist and therefore it is more difficult to evaluate.

In the context of growing tourist demand all over the world, many companies have increased their supply by organizing tourist tours, that is, an “organization” specially created for visitors. This has led to an increase in tourist interest in a genuine, authentic experience. In fact, an increasing proportion of tourists consider authenticity to be an important factor when choosing offers and destinations, which is aware that this aspect can significantly differentiate a tourism product if it manages to emphasize its unique, original elements and / or spontaneously.

Thus, another major challenge facing travel companies is to offer a genuine experience, providing visitors with the necessary context. Only then will they make them understand and appreciate the true nature of their offer, avoiding disappointments and disappointments. An element that contributes to the perception of the authenticity of the destination and increases the satisfaction of tourists regarding this experience is the direct interaction – with a certain degree of depth – between visitors and residents of the place. However, it is important to understand that for most tourists, authenticity is not an end in itself, but a factor that increases the value of attractions and experiences.

Usually they are the main interlocutors of tourists, as well as the first to receive applause or criticism. Therefore, its effectiveness has a decisive influence on the assessment that visitors receive from experience. At the same time, the work of intermediaries is one of the most feasible aspects of modification in order to improve the quality of the tourist experience and strengthen its aspect of joint creativity. In the tourist experience, guides are the most suitable mediators, since they must fulfill, among other things, the functions of leadership, animation, information and interpretation, in addition to being responsible for presenting the story.

These opportunities, as well as others, such as empathy and professionalism, are desirable for all intermediaries, since they are necessary to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience. For this reason, a travel company that wants to develop a good experience cannot neglect its intermediaries; quite the opposite: you should try to actively involve them in achieving the goals and experience of the company, which will allow them to better convey the narrative. If the company does not have intermediaries for its experience, it should consider the possibility of including elements of mediation designed in accordance with the needs of visitors.

Famous tourist spots. South Africa offers an incredible variety of landscapes and unique experiences: warm and hospitable people, pleasant weather throughout the year, breathtaking views, beautiful beaches that stretch for miles, living quarters, modern and delicious cuisine. Each of the 9 provinces of South Africa offers a variety of adventures, electrifying cities and natural landscapes that you can discover while staying at Rainbow Nation.

It is the largest island in Poland. The most beautiful part of its territory is protected within the boundaries of the Volin National Park with its characteristic cliffs up to 95 m high and four after glacial lakes. Protected plants grow here: various orchids and Pomeranian honeysuckle. About 200 species of birds, including eagle, fighter and swan. An aviary was installed to accommodate the European bison, and stoats and otters were also found there. Several sea resorts. An interesting folk event takes place in the city in the summer: the Viking Festival.