Tourism service. If you are the owner or manager

Tourism service. If you are the owner or manager of a company or other organization that accepts tourists, a good experience allows you to:

  • Orient your offer in accordance with the needs of your target audience, customize it in accordance with your preferences and needs, or open it. to new segments that you don’t visit today. In addition, well-designed experience can save you costs by avoiding investments that do not directly indicate the demands of your audience that are of great strategic value.
  • Distinguish and attach great value to your product as a special design of experience, organized according to your specific story and scenario, to distinguish you from your competitors. In addition, experience design allows you to formulate new products, services and activities using the capabilities of your natural, cultural and even commercial environment.

Examples of the above are selling souvenirs or local products, offering food or “packing” your offer along with other types of experiences (such as tourism and wine tourism).

  • Make your proposal more flexible by including alternatives for different scenarios (inter alia, climate change, size and composition of the travel group, and seasonality). The foregoing leads to two significant advantages:
  • Improving the satisfaction and visibility of visitors, which is the ultimate goal of any design experience and, by the way, is also the basis for both strengthening loyalty to your current audience and attracting new ones.
  • Higher income, given that well-designed experience is more economical and that if it is satisfactory and memorable, you can take more for it. Now, if what you are looking for is not for generating income, offering a satisfactory experience will in any case benefit you, increasing your influence and appreciation in the environment.

Thing to take in vacation. Useful traveling habits … Check out your passports to check the expiration date. Check the expiration date and limit of your credit card (for example, make a deposit to pay for a car rental). Tell the bank that you are traveling to the United States (you can avoid your card is blocked. Confirm the flight time from 24 to 48 hours before departure on the airline’s website (subject to change without notice).

Sign up for travel insurance (medical, cancellation, baggage and liability). a trustee for a weekly visit to your home (water plants, etc.) Make sure your pets are in safe hands. Empty the perishable contents of your refrigerator. Turn off all your electrical appliances. Close all your doors and windows. Close the water intake valve at home. Turn off the heating in all rooms.

Details Make a copy of all your official documents in case of loss (driver’s license, passports, etc.). Charge the batteries of your laptops, cameras and videos.

Your passport. Your permission is ESTA. Your proof of liability, baggage, medical insurance. Your valid driver’s license and your international license Your credit and debit cards. Cash in US dollars. Your vouchers and confirmations. Your orders (if applicable). Your flight ticket to and from your home. Important phone numbers and addresses of your loved ones (postcards). Your health or vaccination book.

Your shampoo and soap. Toothbrush. A tube of toothpaste. Your antiperspirant or deodorant. Periodic towels and / or tampons. Shaving foam and razor or your electric razor. Comb / hair comb. Nail reduction and nail file. Your humidifier. Your makeup bag. Hairpins and elastic bands. Tweezers. Small pocket mirror. Your lenses and glasses. Paper napkins. Good sunscreen. Your insect repellent / insect repellent (DEET based) Aspirin (or other painkillers). Your condoms and birth control pills. Your personal medicine. Lip balm. Hand sanitizer.

Employees, in principle, are entitled to a certain number of days off for annual vacations. This weekend should not be taken anyway. The employer and employee must agree. As the summer break approaches, here is a reminder of the planning rules in this area.